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Hiring Sales Funnel - Click Funnels Demo - Filter Out Potential Employees on Auto Pilot

Published on 28 May 2018 / In Clickfunnels demo

Hi, Matt Capell here. I just wanted to do a quick video for you. So, I don't know about you, but I own a couple different businesses. I find sometimes hiring somebody can not only be tricky, but it can be very time consuming and hard. And so, with the power of click funnels, I've set up a way. So I recently just hired somebody, and she's really great. Working out really well. But what you can do is you can automate people through click funnels and through a landing page. So you can save yourself headache. So this is an example. In this case, we were, for my flooring store, but this could work for any type of employee or any HR, we're trying to hire a flooring design consultant. Okay. And so, what we did is we set up this site, and then we put very specifically who and what we were looking for. And the characteristics, things like that.

But here's the thing that's really really great about this, and I would highly recommend it with you, and it'll save you a lot of time is in the business world, sometimes it's really hard to find people that can follow through or follow instructions. And so what this does is it not only goes through different things that you're looking for, and
I would recommend being as specific as possible. But the one thing that I found really interesting is I got a 800 number with a recorded message, and I have basically four steps here for people to follow. One, they have to call, leave a message. The point of this is to see if the person is articulate, has personality, because they had to spend a lot of time on the phone. The second step here is what you do here is you create very specific instructions, but if somebody doesn't read them, they could mess up. And the point of that is I honestly had probably about 70 people apply for this job, but I only had, and this is a little sad, but three or four people that actually followed the directions 100% correctly.

So when you say please email your resume, not your references. Then you ask for their references, but then you ask them to fax them. Then you have them to see if they can type how they can form sentences, things like that. So you hear them, you see if they can do that, follow through, and then I think it's important to see how they can type and things like that. But it's interesting. Just by this alone here, it made it so I was able to eliminate most everybody without even having to talk to them because they didn't follow the instructions. And so this has been awesome and a great way to weed through people because who really has time to talk to 70 people in person. This is a really great way to eliminate people without having to waste a lot of your precious time.

And then once they opt in, get your information, this is a fun way to say congratulations, thanks for following through. But this is a great funnel. I highly recommend it. It'd be easily customizable. But if you have any questions, please like this comment. I'll respond anything if you're interested in having me build one of these for you. Love to help you with that as well. So just reach out to me below, and we can definitely talk about it. And thanks for watching. Really appreciate it. Talk to you soon.

If you are interested in purchasing this funnel go here: https://marketplace.clickfunne....ls.com/templates/179

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