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Frank Prochilo, Legal Tips and Strategies for Online Marketers

Published on 25 May 2018 / In Clickfunnels

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People are always asking what they can and cannot do as an online marketer. Frank Prochilo explains with real examples what you need to be aware of when marketing online. This is an episode you need to listen to so you can avoid the major issues with the FTC when marketing online.

Show Notes

[2:00] What are some of the things as an online business owner legally you need to be looking at?

[5:00] How to use your testimonials in the best way legally.

[8:50] What is the FTC concerned about in your business and how to avoid a lawsuit with the FTC.

[11:32] High profile cases of businesses that did well and others that didn’t.

[16:09] How to create a good and safe Privacy Policy.

[19:00] Being truthful in your advertising.


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