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Active Campaign Review & Demo

Published on 28 May 2018 / In Clickfunnels demo

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Welcome to my complete review and demo of Active Campaign's email marketing and automation tool.

Let's start by saying I love it! Active Campaign has been one long string of good experiences for me.

After moving from Mailchimp to Aweber and hating both I knew I needed a better option.

Enter Active Campaign. WOW. They deserve a review, a demo, and me shouting it on the rooftops.

They have one of the most incredible and robust email automation solutions that the market offers.

You would think that the price would reflect this, but Active Campaign has starter packages that start at just $9 a month.

As part of this review I give a demo of the Active Campaign automation platform. I show exactly how you can create automations that personalize every single users experience exactly to their preferences.

Active Campaign has incredible tagging capabilities and scoring capabilities as well. I know what everyone has purchased and clicked on and I can send them emails accordingly.

It also integrates with ClickFunnels, which is my favorite funnel software. Between Active Campaign, ClickFunnels, and Wordpress I have exactly what I want in my online business.

I hope the demo showed you what incredible capabilities come with Active Campaign. I decided to do this review one day when I spoke to their support hoping they had some simple way for me to easily do something I had been wanting to do for awhile.

They had a way for it. At that point I knew they were the most well-thought-out email marketing platform on the market today.

If you are looking for incredible automation that is still easy to use and simple to understand, you need Active Campaign.

Hope you enjoyed this review!


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