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277 - The Model For The Next 12 Months - Part 2

Published on 25 May 2018 / In Clickfunnels


On this extra long episode Russell talks about doing a webinar for Clickfunnels today, and why it’s the last time. He talks about where he was a year ago, and how things have changed for Clickfunnels in that year.

Here are some interesting things you will hear in today’s episode:

Why Russell thinks doing a webinar a week for your business is still a must, but why his business is different.

What revelation led to The Expert Secrets book and the possibility of doing an infomercial with Dean Graziosi.

And what you can expect to see with Clickfunnels when things change in January.

So listen below to hear what kind of changes are coming for Clickfunnels in 2017 and why.

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